Mail Tracking and Tracing

Cathedral Corporation announced the Track N Trace® application that establishes trackability for mail. This custom Track N Trace® application has access to the scanning data that comes from the United States Postal Service utilizing Intelligent Mail® barcodes on mail pieces. By capturing the USPS scan data, the Track N Trace® application portal will enable clients to watch their mail throughout the mailing process.

“Track N Trace is customer mail communications on steroids”, said Kimberley Waltz, Vice President of Postal Affairs and Customer Service of Cathedral Corporation. “This application will allow our clients to precisely track their customers’ mail communications and respond in ways not possible in the past.”

Track N Trace® is a value-add application powered by BCC software LLC and offered by Cathedral to their clients through a portal accessed securely on the web. This sophisticated application provides; real-time monitoring of inbound and outbound mail; troubleshooting missing, stalled and misrouted mail; predict cash flow and adjust staffing needs from incoming business replies. The data on the application will enable responses triggered in multi-channel campaigns, automatically provide email performance reports and help to recover costs from USPS for missed or undelivered mail.

Track N Trace® is a registered trademark of BCC Software LLC. Intelligent Mail® is a registered trademark of the United States Postal Office.