Why Digital-only Limits Your Reach

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When considering the effectiveness of your marketing strategy you might be wondering, "Why should I spend my advertising dollars on potentially costly traditional media and direct mail, when I can be seen by more people for less money using only digital marketing?" The answer is...credibility.

Using only digital could limit your marketing campaign. Even though broadcast, newspapers and magazines are facing competition from digital avenues, traditional media are not gone completely and maintain a credibility factor generated from none-other than long-term existence!

Take Jane

Jane scrolled by the mentions of the charity work in her digital newsfeed for weeks and never opened that lingering email about children's literacy then something sparked curiosity in Jane, and it was staring at her from inside the mailbox. She recognized the logo from television commercials she had seen over the years and that was enough. Jane opened the letter and read the legacy of America’s favorite game show host. The campaign left Jane emotional and the credibility of the brand left little hesitation when Jane considered how she could help.

As Jane prepared the enclosed return envelope with a donation she shared a social post. Her neighbor saw the post about the same charity's campaign and commented "I love this!" The digital campaign was running ads targeting this chatter and began showing ads to Jane’s neighbor. They shared posts along with their story populating engaged networks and others began to respond, engage and donate alike. The traditional and digital campaigns amplified each other resulting in increased performance and results.

When you are visually and physically a part of something, sharing and talking about it follows, digital marketing dots connect the credibility of the traditional marketing and direct mail efforts. It can be massively effective through sharing on social media, content marking, and search engine optimization. But those digital efforts rest on and rise, through the credibility built by traditional media and direct mail.

The point is, tangible take-a-ways and cross promotion takes 7-12 touchpoints to convert a prospect to a sale.