Banks: It all starts with accuracy- customer data delivered error-free, om-time, all the time.
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Experience and knowledge provide the foundation for Cathedral Corporation’s commitment to 100% accuracy in the handling of complex and sensitive customer documents. We’re proud of our reputation for on-time, error-free performance and we look forward to partnering with you!

In the competitive world of banking, you can’t afford to make errors. Your very existence depends on providing customers with accurate and current data when and where they want it.

Turn to Cathedral for:

  • e-Presentment
  • Loan payment notices
  • Cash management with lockbox services
  • Check and remittance production    

Cathedral Corporation’s industry-leading data management tools give you the extra edge that today’s customers demand. And because we stay ahead of the latest technologies, you get the benefits of innovation without the hefty investment.

With Cathedral’s Essentials® line of printed and electronic products and services, your customers get critical financial documents delivered right the first time, every time. That kind of customer confidence goes a long way in building trust in your financial institution. And that trust keeps them customers for life.

Cathedral’s data driven solutions also give you the ability to optimize each transactional document with powerful marketing messages so cross selling products and services is easier and far more effective than ever before. These messages can be specifically targeted and highly personalized to deliver the best possible results.

When you add in increased organizational efficiency and optimal resource management, it’s easy to see why you need Cathedral as your partner when it comes to managing customer data.

Please click here to view our bank product samples.

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