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Contribution Recording and Reporting

Churches use Cathedral Corporation's Contribution Recording and Reporting Service as a tool for accurate, confidential data management, and to better manage limited resources. You’ll benefit from improved reporting accuracy as well as fewer paid labor hours. The savings that arise from outsourcing this work to Cathedral can be directed towards programs for aiding the needy, repairing a leaky roof, paying utility bills, or ministry efforts. We can also mail statements to individual members, as well as provide your church with presentation-quality reports at no extra charge.

  • How It Works—Your Church removes offerings from the envelopes and verifies that the amount contained is clearly noted on the envelope face. Offerings not placed in envelopes are simply noted on furnished credit slips. The empty envelopes and credit slips are then packaged in return-addressed cartons (which we supply), and shipped to our offices once or twice per month depending on volume. Our data-entry professionals then carefully, accurately and confidentially enter the figures and prepare the data for the next step.
  • Free Reports—Your Church receives accurate, timely and up-to-date reports. The data can be supplied to you on disk or reported in smartly organized, bound, presentation-quality booklets. Best of all, Cathedral will ship you the reports up to four times per year at no extra cost.
  • Confidential Member Statements—Your members can receive accurate and timely individual contribution statements on yearly, semi-annual or quarterly terms. We can either mail the statements directly and confidentially to each member, or we'll ship the statements directly to your church for distribution.
  • Nothing to Change—It makes no difference whether your church uses specialized accounting software, or if you even own a computer. To get started simply supply us with a master contributor and/or mailing list. We can return the data to you in virtually any format so that it will conform to your current system.
  • Peace of Mind—Cathedral Corporation has entered millions of contributions and printed thousands of presentation-quality reports over a span of 20 plus years. We take the tedious, mundane and error-prone work away from you so you can focus on doing God's work. Member list updates are free, too. Just send us any adjustments by mail, e-mail, disk, or call us, and the changes will be reflected in subsequent reports. All you pay is a small "per envelope" (not per member) recording charge. If any member misses an opportunity to give, you don't get charged.
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