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For decades, Cathedral Corporation has assisted churches with both the production and implementation of offertory and stewardship programs. We can customize our programs to meet the unique needs of churches of all denominations.

Using the most advanced technology available, Cathedral acts as a valuable partner in implementing practical and effective offertory and stewardship solutions. Our data management expertise guarantees you 100% accuracy.

If you are looking for the right message and design to encourage stewardship education and motivation for your parish, Cathedral has a large selection from which to choose. To view envelope specifications, click here.

Custom Mailed Programs

Improve member communication and increase giving with regular mailings managed by Cathedral. Mailing members’ offering envelopes directly to their homes encourages a sense of belonging and community. And, of course, all of Cathedral’s envelope features are available with every mailing program:

  • Monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly mailings
  • Free bar coding
  • Free design consultation
  • A multitude of options: customized artwork, scripture, colors and styles
  • A host of special collection envelopes

Cathedral will manage church member mailing list updates quickly and accurately. Just send us your changes via e-mail, disk, fax or phone and we’ll handle the rest. We’re committed to 100% customer satisfaction with on-time, every-time delivery for all products and programs.

For a handy chart explaining how Cathedral's monthly offering envelope mailing programs can increase the income levels from your members, click here.

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Stewardship Motivators

This five message series is designed for use in consecutive envelope mailings promoting stewardship growth. Soft colors and contemporary graphics create a gentle call to action. The five new stewardship motivators will enhance your systematic offering envelope mailing program by:

  • Assisting stewardship education
  • Stimulating participation
  • Increasing much needed support
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Time, Talent and Treasure Series

The Time, Talent & Treasure series encourages recipients to grow as stewards of the church. This series offers 52 messages with colorful graphics that will educate while stimulating stewardship activity and giving. Messages change weekly and are based on easy to understand stewardship principles and scripture. Border colors rotate weekly to assist staff with recording. Envelopes can be customized with your church or parish name. All of Cathedral's premium options and services are also available with the Stewardship series, including:

  • Personalized mail-back
  • Customized weekly copy and specials
  • Special inserts and letters
  • "New" messages and announcements on the outside mailer
  • And more!
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The Liturgical Series

The Liturgical Series was prepared by an expert liturgist familiar with the rubrics of the Church. The series follows the yearly cycles, seasons and colors of the liturgical calendar. It features border colors to match the season, beautiful iconography drawn by a Cathedral artist, and the specific Gospel reading. Since the series follows all the yearly cycles, the designs change continually over a period of three years. Envelopes can be personalized with the church name, parishioner name and mailing address, and envelope number.

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Special Collection Envelopes

Each of our colorful special occasion envelope designs was hand-drawn by a Cathedral artist. The envelopes are exquisitely detailed with a rich set of colors that evoke a sense of warmth and inspire giving. Churches that provide special collection envelopes to their members enjoy the benefits of increased giving and greater awareness of special occasions, holy days and other special collections. We offer more than 50 designs. In addition to our Cathedral Classics Holy Days we offer:

  • Annie Armstrong
  • Love Offering
  • Anniversary Offering
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Benevolence
  • Men's Day
  • Black & Native-American Missions
  • Mission Sunday
  • Catholic Charities
  • Missions 
  • Catholic Communications
  • New Year's
  • Catholic Home Mission Appeal
  • Palm Sunday
  • Catholic Relief/Bishops Overseas
  • Pentecost
  • Catholic University
  • Retired Religious
  • Communion Offering
  • Revival
  • Eastern Europe/European Relief
  • Rice Bowl
  • Flowers
  • Seminary
  • Holy Father/Peter's Pence
  • State Missions 
  • Holy Land
  • Tither's Offering
  • Holy Thursday
  • Vacation Make-Up 
  • Homecoming
  • Women's Day
  • Human Development
  • Temporary Envelope
  • Latin America
  • Supplementary Envelope
  • Lottie Moon

If you don't see what you are looking for, call us today at 800-698-0299 and we can custom design a special collection just for you.

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Boxed Sets

Millions of Cathedral’s offering envelopes are ordered each year as boxed sets in attractive, full-color packages. Boxed sets offer you:

  • A host of special offering envelopes
  • A multitude of artwork, color and type styles
  • Your choice of scripture
  • Three different envelope styles/sizes
  • Adult, children and youth sets
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Youth Envelope Sets

Get your young members involved and include the youth of your church in good stewardship with Cathedral’s “Our Year With God,” “Noah’s Buddies,” “Noah’s Friends,” and “Time, Talent and Treasure” boxed and wallet sets. Cathedral’s youth envelope programs offer numbering and dating, as well as the church name printed on the reverse side, with an additional place for the child to write his or her name and offering.

   Our Year With God

  • 52 weekly envelopes
  • Envelopes printed with easy-to-understand history and narratives describing Holy Days and Saints
  • Printed activities and puzzles engage children to participate

   Noah’s Buddies (2nd-6th grades suggested)

  • 13, 26, or 52 envelopes
  • Envelopes printed with traditional Christian symbols
  • Developed for youth education ministries

   Noah’s Friends (Youth 12 and older suggested)

  • 12 envelopes
  • Envelopes printed with Old and New Testament messages

   Time, Talent and Treasure (6th grade and higher)

  • 52 envelopes
  • Weekly interactive inspirational messages
  • Designed for young adults through the high school years

Nationally Recognized! Click here to read Father Joseph Champlin's article in Eucharistic Minister.

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EnTuition Tuition Envelopes

The EnTuition series is designed to address tuition payment, registration and information gathering issues faced by schools and day care centers. The EnTuition program is affordable, convenient, practical and easy to use with a handsomely bound, chronologically arranged packet of tuition payment mailing envelopes that:

  • Improves timely remittance of tuition, fees, and charges
  • Reduces personal collection calls
  • Eliminates errors and expedites data entry with bar coding right on the envelope
  • Refines the student information gathering process
  • Communicates dates, schedules, phone numbers, events and school pride

The EnTuition series comes with a multitude of options, including: Bar coding • Calendar of events • Payment schedules • Emergency contact cards • Student information cards • Registration cards • Permission forms • Notes from principal • Special fee envelopes • Payment/check register • Visa/MasterCard slips • Dating

Your envelopes can also be designed to reflect your school or center with: Personalization by family • Color-coded by program/grade level • School contact/emergency phone numbers • School logo • Mission statement • Colors

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Easter Special Mailing

We know Easter is one of your busiest seasons and we want to do everything we can to assist you. That’s why we’ve created this easy, affordable program. All of our packages are available in our beautiful crafted designs. Drawing on 100 years of experience, these pieces will help you:

  • Increase contributions
  • Better communicate holiday and weekly mass times
  • Increase attendance
  • Create a greater sense of belonging

Email us at and we’ll design a program that’s just right for you.

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Christmas Special Mailing

A Christmas envelope brings in $50 per family on average, and when you mail a special holiday envelope separately to all active and inactive families, it’s been shown to increase the number of families who contribute. A special Christmas envelope also fosters a sense of occasion and community spirit. Drawing on 100 years of experience, Cathedral Corporation has created special Christmas packages that are proven to:

  • Increase contributions
  • Better communicate holiday and weekly mass time
  • Increase attendance
  • Create a greater sense of belonging.

All of our packages are affordably priced, easy to manage and are available in beautiful designs.

Email us at and we’ll get started designing the program that is just right for you.

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