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Stittville United Methodist Church

Stittville United Methodist Church (UMC) took a new approach to their stewardship program in 2005 that proved to be very successful. Starting in late summer of 2004, Stittville UMC selected members to speak on what the different aspects of stewardship meant to them—measuring stewardship through prayers, presence, gifts, and service.

Each topic was discussed from a lay person’s point of view during the months of August, September, October and November. In November, they officially began a pledge campaign by asking each person to make a commitment of their time and talent as well as their financial support. Each person was then asked to bring their pledge forward and place it on the altar. In January, the church had one additional talk regarding stewardship and concluded the pledge campaign.

Church members responded with the entire budget being pledged, and followed their commitment through with nearly 100% pledge fulfillment.

This year, Stittville UMC elected to enhance their program by using Cathedral’s new Time, Talent and Treasure Series of envelopes. Their success came from reminding church members of the commitments they prayerfully made, and this new envelopes series reinforces the stewardship principles they believe. The church is also expanding the member talks on stewardship to the second Sunday of each month, with the exception of Lent and Advent. Each second Sunday the church will also insert one of the Time, Talent and Treasure Motivator Cards in the bulletin as a take home reminder of the church members’ commitment.

Stittville, NY
April 2006

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