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Cathedral Stewardship Success Stories

Stittville United Methodist Church

Stittville United Methodist Church (UMC) took a new approach to their stewardship program in 2005 that proved to be very successful. Starting in late summer of 2004, Stittville UMC selected members to speak on what the different aspects of stewardship meant to them—measuring stewardship through prayers, presence, gifts, and service.

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Saint Andrew Catholic Church

Father Christopher Shackelford was faced with a dilemma. The explosive growth in his town was making it increasingly difficult to support the needs of his parish, let alone the community. As the first bilingual pastor of Saint Andrew, he already was serving five masses each weekend—two of which were in Spanish. The parish had a growing youth program, hoped to develop an active Life Teen program, and was home to three permanent deacons. Father Shackelford knew he needed a plan that would foster and enhance the sense of commitment and dedication among his parishioners. So, he turned to Cathedral Corporation.

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