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Your top priority is fostering the faith and guiding your community in its spiritual well-being. But, realistically, you’re also responsible for the stewardship of your congregation and managing the day-to-day operational activities. These concerns can be stressful, and take your focus away from what’s most important.

Cathedral Corporation has shared your values and mission for 100 years. The Essentials® Communications and Management Program is a suite of software designed to give you the tools to effectively manage the daily operations of your ministry, while improving communications across your congregation. It’s one solution Cathedral offers to help you efficiently manage daily tasks, freeing up your time to focus on what’s truly important!

We’ve developed numerous communication programs that will foster a renewed sense of commitment and dedication among your members. From increased offertory programs and envelopes to bulletins and reliable list management, Cathedral will assist you in every way possible to achieve your ministry goals.


Today's parishes understand that good stewardship includes accountability, generosity, gratitude and giving back. However, parishes are consistently challenged to connect good stewardship with fundraising efforts. Parishes using our Cunneen fundraising solutions have realized great returns. To learn more click here: Cunneen Fundraising Solutions


Improve member communications and increase giving with mailed envelope programs, Time-Talent-Treasure, and other offering envelope options. Consider talking to one of our Stewardship Consultants that can help you save money and create a flexible mail program. Stewardship Envelopes


Cathedral offers a variety of other products and services such as Online List Maintenance, Online Giving, and more. To learn more click here. Additional  Products


To see some envelope product samples, please click here or call us at 800-698-6299. Product Samples

To learn more about these products and services, please contact us at 1-800-698-0299.


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