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Cathedral Corporation is committed to delivering accurate and customized products and services to each of our customers. We’re proud of our reputation for on-time, error-free performance and we look forward to partnering with you!

You communicate sensitive information to your customers, so it’s important to be accurate. But, it’s also important to be compassionate and treat each patient as an individual. When you do that, you begin building strong relationships with your customers based on trust and expertise.

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  • e-presentment
  • Statements (EOB's)
  • Check and remittance production
  • Direct Mail

Are you able to personalize the messaging based on each customer’s condition and guarantee 100% accuracy every time? With Cathedral Corporation’s Essentials® line of products and services, you can. We understand your need for timeliness, quality, and complete confidentiality. We also recognize the value you place in cost effectiveness. That’s why we recommend solutions that are as affordable as they are effective.

Whether you’re printing EOB’s, mailing statements or running an online customer service center, we can help you target your messaging and streamline your approach for better customer communication and cost savings.

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